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2009 Annual Report: Advancing Public Health in Georgia

State budget cuts in recent years have left Georgia’s public health system in critical condition. For the benefit of all Georgians, Healthcare Georgia Foundation believes it is time to reinvest in and rebuild Georgia’s public health system.

In 2009, the Foundation’s eighth year of grantmaking, we awarded 49 grants totaling $3,972,700, including the statewide launch of the Partner Up! For Public Health campaign. In addition to the campaign, the Foundation's grantmaking also featured significant investments in the Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program, HealthTecdl - Distance Learning, and our new Evaluation Resource Center.

Recommended Citation: 2009 Annual Report, Advancing Public Health in Georgia, Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #46, September 2010

2008 Annual Report: Leadership in Difficult Economic Times

The demand for Georgia’s nonprofit health organizations is greatest during a severe economic downturn. Through it all Georgia’s nonprofit health organizations have not only survived, but in many ways have thrived due to strong individual and organizational leadership. The Foundation’s seventh year of grantmaking featured 54 awards totaling $5,560,470, including grants to the health safety net, Satcher Health Leadership Institute, trauma care and evaluation.

Recommended Citation: 2008 Annual Report, Leadership in Difficult Economic Times, Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #32, September 2009

2007 Annual Report: Georgia's Health Safety Net: In Pursuit of Health Equity

Over the past six years, Healthcare Georgia Foundation has ardently supported organizations that provide critical health and health care services to underserved individuals and communities. In 2007, we maintained our sharp focus on the state’s health safety net providers by awarding 19 grants totaling $1,867,500 in support of their work. Additional highlights from 2007 also include support for a statewide trauma care system, distance learning, addressing childhood overweight and capacity building for nonprofit health organizations.

Recommended Citation: 2007 Annual Report, Georgia’s Health Safety Net: In Pursuit of Health Equity, Publication #29, October 2008

2006 Annual Report: Measured Progress

Since its inception, Healthcare Georgia Foundation has been committed to the diligent pursuit of grantmaking excellence in health. Our initial five years of grantmaking have been marked by continued progress and improvement by the Foundation and its grantees. In 2006, we continued our support of organizations serving populations that represent our grantmaking priority areas by awarding 47 grants totaling $4,293,800.

Recommended Citation: 2006 Annual Report, Measured Progress, Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #18, May 2007

2005 Annual Report: A Healthier Future for Georgia's Children and Youth

With one-third of Georgia's children either overweight or at risk for becoming so, our state is facing an epidemic that if not reversed, will result in the first generation to live sicker and die younger than their parents. In 2005, we awarded $4,299,783 in grants to 53 organizations and programs, committing a significant amount of funds to address the state’s most pressing health issues—including the dangerous effects of childhood overweight and physical inactivity. We are proud to support the efforts of these organizations and programs. They want healthier futures for Georgia’s children and youth, and so do we.

Recommended Citation: 2005 Annual Report: A Healthier Future for Georgia's Children and Youth, Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #12, April 2006

2004 Annual Report: Advancing Health Policy

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is committed to first understanding, and then addressing the complex issues facing Georgia's communities. In 2004, the Foundation dedicated significant grant resources to investing in non-partisan policy research and analysis aimed at informing all sides of the health care debate. The Foundation supported organizations and programs that effectively apply strategic health policy as an important vehicle for change. The work of these and other grantees is featured in the 2004 Annual Report: Advancing Health Policy.

Recommended Citation: 2004 Annual Report: Advancing Health Policy, Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #8, April 2005

2003 Annual Report: Informed Grantmaking

We are pleased to present our 2003 Annual Report. Inside, you ll learn more about the more than $4.2 million in grants the Foundation awarded to fifty-four organizations benefiting Georgians. The data and information we gathered during 2003 will help nonprofit health organizations build real momentum towards solutions to our State's most pressing health challenges.

Recommended Citation: 2003 Annual Report: Informed Grantmaking, Healthcare Georgia Foundation,Publication #6, April 2004

2002 Annual Report: Our Commitment to a Healthier Georgia

The 2002 Annual Report is the Foundation's inaugural report. Inside, you'll find: accomplishments in 2002, an overview of our Grantmaking Program, 2002 grantees, board and staff, and our vision for 2003.

Recommended Citation: 2002 Annual Report: Our Commitment to a Healthier Georgia, Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Publication #3, April 2003