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Election Guide 2014: Georgia’s Candidates for United States Senate Address our State’s Most Critical Health Challenges

Healthcare Georgia Foundation today released Election Guide 2014: Georgia’s Candidates for United States Senate Address Our States Most Critical Health Challenges. Establish Their Leadership Priorities’ on Health and Healthc Care.  The The Guideelection guide 2014 was was conceived as a nonpartisan effort to inform Georgia voters about our state’s most pressing health challenges and each each candidate’s vision for better health and healthcare in Georgia.

In the context of thethe Affordable Care Act and the ever- changing roles and responsibilities of government, our communities and our residents, Georgia’s candidates for United States Senate were invited to share their views onpriorities for expanding access, controlling costs, and quality of health care as well as how Georgia can change improving quality, and changing the trajectory of health and health care in our state Georgia. With the assistance of Mathews and Maxwell, Inc., a public affairs firm, the candidates’ positions, opinions, and policy perspectives were prepared and presented in the Guide, precisely as they submitted them.

“The 2014 election of our United States Senator will help define our path to better health and health care for all Georgiansdefines the leadership path we will follow to improve the health of all Georgians,” said Dr. Gary Nelson, Healthcare Georgia Foundation president. “Because Georgia ranks at or near the bottom among states on numerous measures of health, much is at stake as – principled, informed leadership has never been so urgently needed,.”  tThe path chosen by Georgia voters will clearly help define for future generations to come, what our state can expect in terms of the structure, delivery, and financing of our health  care.”

With the release of Election Guide 2014, the Foundation believes Georgia voters will be much better informed about the state’s most pressing health challenges and how the candidates for this pivotal leadership position will define the responsibility of government, our communities, and our residents.

In addition to the statewide distribution of Election Guide 2014, the publication is also available on the Foundation’s website,