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Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program:
Pre-Application Conference Summary

October 1, 2008

Letters of Inquiry Due:  October 14, 2008 (4:00 pm)

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1. What is the funding limit? How many years can I apply for?

You may apply for up to $150,000 per year of funding for up to three years. However, because this program represents a significant investment on behalf of the Foundation, funding will be provided annually. Continuation funding will be available in Years 2 and 3; grantees must submit their reports detailing their performance on proposed objectives, provide a revised work plan, and submit a new budget before receiving funding in Years 2 and 3.

2. How many grants do you anticipate funding?

The Foundation anticipates funding approximately 4-6 grants in 2009 and one grant for evaluation/technical assistance in 2009. 

3. Can my organization apply if we have a current grant from Healthcare Georgia Foundation?

Yes, as long as the request is not for the same project or for line items that are currently being funded by a Healthcare Georgia Foundation grant. If you are a current or past grantee, as part of the evaluation of your LOI, the Foundation will consider your performance on your previous or current grant and your compliance with submitting progress and final reports. 

4. My organization does not have its 501(c)(3) status. Are we still eligible to apply?

If your organization is not a 501(c)(3) organization, you can apply through a tax-exempt organization acting as a fiscal sponsor. You must include a letter of agreement from the fiscal sponsor with your application.

5. How and when will you notify us that we are invited to submit a full proposal?

The Foundation will be inviting applicants to submit a full proposal on October 29, 2008. You will be notified via email; the full proposal application guidelines will be provided at that time. Full proposals will be due January 14, 2009.

6. Can we fax or email the Letter of Inquiry (LOI)?

No. Faxed or emailed LOIs will not be accepted. LOIs are due in the Foundation’s office by October 14, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. 

7. Are we eligible to submit multiple projects from one organization (e.g. a university with several different divisions submitting separate proposals from those divisions)?

Yes. However, in the RFP for the Georgia Asthma Management Program, organizations are strongly encouraged to collaborate in order to better provide integrated asthma management services for children. If the organization is submitting proposals that are similar in program design, the Foundation expects that the different divisions/departments would work together in order to achieve their mission. If the programs are different in scope, the Foundation will consider separate proposals.

8. Page 4 of the LOI Cover Sheet asks for Staff and Board Demographics. How will that impact your decision making?

This information is generally used to collect information about the organization and to determine the capacity of the organization in carrying out the proposed program. The Foundation will consider, as a part of the LOI evaluation, if your organization is partnering with other organizations to implement your program.

9. Is Healthcare Georgia Foundation willing to fund innovative programs or are you more interested in receiving applications that utilize evidence-based and best practice models? If we want to test an intervention based on evidenced-based practices, can we do so?

The RFP is not a demonstration grant program. The Foundation is requiring programs based on evidenced-based practices. We will be looking very carefully to see if your application is based on delivering an unproven intervention or implementing a proven intervention/program.

10. Can we implement interventions that have been used in other parts of the country, but not in Georgia?


11. If our organization has an idea for a project that we are not sure about, may we contact you for guidance or is the LOI the first point of contact?

The LOI is the first step in the request for Foundation funding. The Foundation may work with you to clarify the elements of your proposal when requesting full proposals.

12. Is there an emphasis on underserved populations with this grant program?

Yes. Applicants that are targeting underserved populations will be given priority. The RFP is focusing on asthma management, especially for high-risk children and youth currently not benefitting from evidence-based programs.

13. What is the Foundation’s position about funding consultants in either for evaluation purposes or implementation of the intervention?

You may use a consultant for evaluation purposes. The RFP does have a collaborative requirement; you may consider utilizing other organizations to perform work that your organization may not have expertise in. However, priority will be given to organizations with demonstrated internal capacity to implement childhood asthma management programs. Therefore, we would caution you to not over rely on consultants in implementing your programs.

14. On the LOI cover sheet on page 2, what does the information in the parenthesis next to Total Project Budget mean (Not applicable if requesting core operating support)?

On the Total Project Budget line, please list the total amount that will be required to carry out the project. Disregard the portion that says “Not applicable if requesting core operating support.” The Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program supports program expenses, not core operating support.

15. What do you think about evaluating existing programs that have not been evaluated?

The Foundation is not willing to focus solely on evaluation; the request should be focused on delivery and assessment of asthma disease management.

16. Is sustainability something that the Foundation will be considering in evaluating LOIs?

Yes, in both the LOI and full proposal, the Foundation will ask the organization to address how you anticipate sustaining the program after Foundation funding ends.

17. When looking at outcomes, are you looking at individual or community-wide outcomes?

The Foundation will be looking for both individual and community-wide outcomes. Your outcomes should be matched to the program or aligned with the scope and scale of the planned intervention.

18. Will the Foundation consider funding vouchers for uninsured/underinsured individuals to receive free or reduced-cost asthma care management services, medications, and/or labs work?

No final decision has been made at this time. The request will be given further consideration. If you include voucher expenses in your proposal, be sure to include who will be receiving the vouchers, explain the qualifications, and explain how the process will be administered. The Foundation reserves the right to renegotiate expenses set forth in LOIs in the full proposal phase.