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Healthcare Georgia Foundation Announces New Funding Strategy and Funding Cycles

Dear Friends, Grantees, and Partners:

After ten years of rewarding philanthropic work in Georgia, we remain humbled by our charitable mission, challenged by our responsibilities as a funder, and increasingly committed to grantmaking excellence in health. In 2012, I am excited to announce that as a learning organization critically examining and striving to improve the contributions of Healthcare Georgia Foundation, we have elected to address the impediments to better health and health care in Georgia through a new approach to health grantmaking.

This new strategic direction will align our resources across four priority areas, streamline the application process, and improve outcomes we share with those grantees with whom we have the privilege of supporting. The Foundation's grantmaking priority areas going forward are:

1- Addressing Health Disparities;

2- Expanding Access to Affordable Quality Health Care Services;

3- Promoting Health and Preventing Disease; and

4- Strengthening and Sustaining Health Nonprofit Organizations, Programs, and Workforce.

Detailed descriptions of each priority area can be found here.  

I firmly believe this recalibration of our grantmaking strategy will allow us to expand our work to new partner organizations and communities, build upon our existing relationships in the context of strengthening nonprofit health organizations statewide, and help us achieve greater health equity among Georgians. This process will unfold over the next several months and we will provide multiple opportunities for you to learn about our new process and upcoming Request for Proposals (RFP).

Please see the attached Notification of New Funding Cycles (PDF), announcing our new funding cycles and application deadlines. If you have questions please contact the Foundation at (404) 653-0990.



Gary D. Nelson
Healthcare Georgia Foundation



Notification of New Funding Cycles

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is pleased to announce two funding cycles for unsolicited grantmaking in the areas of General Operating Support and Direct/Program Services Support for non-profit health organizations. The two funding cycles replace the Foundation’s unsolicited process also known as Letter of Inquiry (LOI). The Foundation’s intent is to be responsive to the economic challenges health non-profits are facing by providing grant support to fulfill mission related activities. Grant support will fund organizational capacity building and direct program services that are necessary to accomplish the goals of the organization. This new funding strategy will improve the application process by making it more efficient and timely for potential applicants.

The General Operating Support Grant application (Cycle 1) will be available on the Foundation’s website on January 30, 2012 and will be awarded to eligible applicants for the purpose of strengthening and sustaining the organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission. This grant program underscores the Foundation’s commitment to assist underserved populations and the organizations that serve them. General Operating Support Grants will fund the core functions, operations, or improving the administrative infrastructure of health nonprofits. Grant requests for general operating expenses may include support for: 1) activities related to supporting the health-related goals of the organization; 2) existing staff for non-direct service activities; 3) strategic and sustainability planning; 4) staff development and training; 5) developing a business plan for the organization; 6) strategic planning; 7) upgrading internal data systems; and 8) leadership training. This is not an exhaustive list and it will be at the discretion of the Foundation to accept or decline an application for funding. Requests for funding that are related to direct/program services will not be considered during cycle 1.

The Direct/Program Services Support Grant application (Cycle 2) will be available on the Foundation’s website in the summer of 2012. Direct/Program Services Support Grants will be awarded to eligible applicants for staff and program expenses that support mission-related health promotion and disease prevention services targeting underserved and vulnerable populations. Client treatment/therapeutic regimens, pharmaceuticals, rehabilitation services, transportation, housing and occupational services will NOT be considered.

In both cycles, priority will be given to supporting existing services with evidence of evaluation results. The applicant’s proposal must be in alignment with the Foundation’s mission and goals, serve underserved and/or uninsured Georgians, and meet eligibility criteria.