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Results Matter: Children's Physical Activity and Nutrition Program

One-third of Georgia’s children are overweight or at risk for childhood obesity. These children and youth face health consequences, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

In 2006, Healthcare Georgia Foundation awarded grants to five nonprofit organizations in Georgia to develop innovative, cross-site, multi-year programs designed to raise the level of physical activity and increase the consumption of healthy foods among Georgia’s school children. The Children’s Physical Activity and Nutrition program, or CPAN, aimed to engage members of the community to seek effective, sustainable solutions that benefit Georgia’s children.

This, the inagural issue of Results Matter, features on highlights from the CPAN Program, successes and lessons learned, and reflections from Healthcare Georgia Foundation.

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About Results Matter
Healthcare Georgia Foundation is strongly committed to improving program outcomes through ongoing evaluation. Results Matter is published as part of the Georgia Evaluation Resource Center (ERC) and its suite of evaluation tools and services tailored to help nonprofit health organizations achieve better outcomes by enabling them to understand their performance, revise and plan accordingly, and communicate results to their stakeholders.