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Call for Papers on Rural Health The Journal of the Georgia Public Health Association (jGPHA) announces a call for papers for a special theme issue on “The Two Georgias: Addressing Health Equity in Rural Georgia.” GPHA members are encouraged to submit their work. Please note the deadline for submissions is April 1, 2016. View Website

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation releases nonpartisan Election Guide for 2014 U.S. Senatorial Candidates View Details

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Taking Care of You represents recently launched initiative utilizing evidence-based approaches to reducing adverse birth outcomes View Details

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation invites you to submit a session proposal for Connections 2014. The theme of this year's conference is "Addressing Healthcare Access, Cost and Quality in Georgia". Topics of interest have been identified and include, but are not limited to those listed below. Sessions will be approximately 60 minutes in duration, including Q & A. Similar submissions may be combined into a panel discussion. Those selected will be notified by the end of February 2014. View Details

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The Foundation is pleased to announce that it will launch its Direct Services Support Grants application on July 18, 2013. This will mark the second cycle of support available through our responsive grantmaking for nonprofit health organizations in 2013. The Foundation will host a pre-application webinar on July 25, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. EDT and the online application will be due by August 20, 2013. View Details

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Through a pilot program with TechBridge, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that provides Information Technology (IT) consulting services, the Foundation is inviting Georgia nonprofit health organizations to apply for a free technology assessment to be conducted by TechBridge, Inc. Five applicants will be selected to participate in a free and confidential interactive online IT assessment covering many areas, such as: server(s), hardware, network, Internet connection, collaboration, remote access, data management, security and anti-virus, backup, disaster recovery, and support and maintenance. View Details

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This two-part series is designed to provide a direct-from-the-trenches perspective on what every advocate needs to know about working with the Georgia General Assembly. View Details

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Program designed to help nonprofit health organizations understand and improve performance View Details

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On January 30, 2012, the Foundation will issue a Request for Proposals for general operating support grants with an application deadline of February 29, 2012. Instructions for submitting a proposal will be posted on the Foundation’s website. View Details

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Foundation further diversifies board to expand reach and representation of Georgians View Details

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation is now accepting Individual and Collaborative nominations for the Joseph D. Green Community Service Award. Don't miss this important opportunity to recognize an outstanding individual or collaborative who has helped improve the quality of health and health care of those they serve. Deadline for Nominations: January 16, 2012 View Website

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Newly created department responsible for the health of Georgians and their communities View Details

Ted Holloway, MD, appointed board chair, Teri Hartman appointed board director, new Executive Committee members announced View Details

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Reflections on Philanthropy - Grounded in Science, Built on Partnerships, and Focused on Results was authored by Healthcare Georgia Foundation president, Gary D. Nelson, for Grantmakers in Health's 2011 annual meeting.
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State budget cuts in recent years have left Georgia’s public health system in critical condition. For the benefit of all Georgians, Healthcare Georgia Foundation believes it is time to reinvest in and rebuild Georgia’s public health system. In 2009, the Foundation’s eighth year of grantmaking, we awarded 49 grants totaling $3,972,700, including the statewide launch of the Partner Up! For Public Health campaign. In addition to the campaign, the Foundation's grantmaking also featured significant investments in the Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program, HealthTecdl - Distance Learning, and our new Evaluation Resource Center. View Details

The purpose of the Expanding Access to Primary Health Care: Integrated Health Care Program is to provide funding to support integrating primary health care and mental health services for children and adolescents in Georgia. This grant program provides funding for two-year demonstration projects intended to support the implementation of integrating primary health care and mental health services, by using the collaborative care service delivery model.
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Healthcare Georgia Foundation announces its interest in receiving proposals from nonprofit health organizations that provide health services to uninsured and underinsured Georgians at little or no cost and rely substantially on volunteer health care professionals to provide these services.
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Mental disorders represent a significant health burden and have profound effects on a range of diseases and health conditions. They are equal opportunity disorders, with broad population disparities identified in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. This issue of HealthVoices addresses public perceptions of mental health issues in Georgia in the context of recent federal legislation and Georgia’s current crisis in the structure, delivery, and financing of these services. View Details

On March 23, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordability Act was passed and health reform became law, and with it along the way, emotional and heavily politicized debate. In the fall of 2009 and on behalf of Healthcare Georgia Foundation, The University of Georgia’s Survey Research Center conducted a survey of 500 Georgia residents comprised of questions related to health care access, cost, and quality. This issue of HealthVoices highlights those results and the importance of timely, effective, and well-financed health communications, both prior to, and following the passage of the law. View Details

Georgia’s current investments in prevention and public health reflect a decade of declines, despite being the ninth largest state in economic output. Since 2000, the state’s population has increased by 20 percent, yet per capita spending for the public health system has decreased by 21 percent. This issue of HealthVoices highlights the consequences of this neglect, Georgians’ support for strong public health, and recommendations for reversing the trend. View Details

Between November 2009 and January 2010, each known gubernatorial candidate responded to nine questions pertaining to their vision of health and healthcare in Georgia should they become governor. As a primer for Georgia’s upcoming gubernatorial election, we have reprinted the original responses of the remaining candidates, Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal. View Details

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation's Voices of the Community: Listening Tour 2010 engaged community advocates and service providers in five cities around the state in a discussion about the health of their communities, the health care issues facing their neighbors, and their community’s efforts and capacity to continue to make an impact. View Details

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s Listening Tour Discloses Health Nonprofits Top Concerns View Details

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation announces nonpartisan publication designed to inform both voters and candidates, and to encourage leadership by all elected officials in efforts to address our state's most pressing health challenges. View Details

As part of the Foundation's commitment to connect people, programs, and resources to improve health and health care for all Georgians, we are pleased to present our first series of podcasts featuring Georgia's health safety net. In this three-part series, we take a look at Grady Health System, Good News Health Clinics, and Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council, where each depicts the critical role they serve in promoting the health of underserved individuals and communities. We think you will agree that the compassionate charitable care most evident in the work of Georgia's health safety net should not be overlooked. View Details

Catalyst is a semi-annual online newsletter designed to Advance people and organizations that produce positive change, Promote programs and policies that improve health and healthcare, and Connect people, programs and resources across Georgia. Catalyst amplifies the voice of nonprofit health organizations and efforts to promote better health and health care in Georgia. Features of this issue include the Foundation's Advancing Public Health Campaign, Connections 2010: Leadership in Difficult Economic Times, a Call for Proposals from Georgia's schools of public health and medicine with the intent on documenting the economic impact of high disparity health conditions at the local level, and the creation of an Evaluation Resource Center. View Website

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The demand for Georgia’s nonprofit health organizations is greatest during a severe economic downturn. Through it all Georgia’s nonprofit health organizations have not only survived, but in many ways have thrived due to strong individual and organizational leadership. The Foundation’s seventh year of grantmaking featured 54 awards totaling $5,560,470, including grants to the health safety net, Satcher Health Leadership Institute, trauma care and evaluation. View Details

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Healthcare Georgia Foundations and its grantees are committed to producing publications that address the complex health and health care needs of Georgians. The research, data and grantmaking within this listing of documents is grounded in science, built on strategic partnerships and focused on improving health outcomes. View Details

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A recent Healthcare Georgia Foundation poll sought to learn Georgian’s views on the importance of a diverse health care workforce and its role in addressing health disparities in the state. This issue of HealthVoices highlights the findings of that poll to amplify the voices of health consumers and their views on ways to improve access to affordable, high quality health care. The poll was conducted by the Survey Research Center at the University of Georgia. View Website

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is requesting proposals to design and implement a comprehensive evaluation of the Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program. This is a multi-year statewide program designed to improve the delivery of comprehensive and integrated health services for Georgia’s children and adolescents living with asthma. It is expected that the grantee will manage the cross-site evaluation, assist grantees in evaluating their site-specific programs and provide evaluation and support to grantees throughout the grant period. The organization selected through the Evaluation Request for Proposals (RFP) will receive a one-year planning grant not to exceed $100,000 to design the overall evaluation plan. A continuation grant will be provided after the first year of the grant award to implement the evaluation plan. View Website

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its statewide Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program. This is a multi-year program designed to improve the delivery of comprehensive and integrated health services for Georgia’s children and adolescents living with asthma. The Foundation’s commitment to increasing access to affordable, high quality, evidence-based asthma programs and services is consistent with our mission and efforts to improve health and health care for all Georgians. View Details

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