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Healthcare Georgia Foundation Announces 28 Grants Totaling $2.03 million

Healthcare Georgia Foundation Announces 28 Grants Totaling $2.03 million Statewide support for Georgia’s health safety net remains critical as health care landscape changes

Atlanta, GA – May 10, 2010 - Healthcare Georgia Foundation today announced $2,003,000 in grant awards to 28 nonprofit health organizations that are serving the critical role of health care safety net providers for Georgia’s underserved individuals and communities. With increasingly more Georgians reporting difficulties accessing care, experiencing poor care coordination, and struggling with the financial burden of care, the Foundation has expanded its support to free and charitable clinics and community health centers as the home for patient-centered and integrated care.

According to Dr. Gary Nelson, president, Healthcare Georgia Foundation, “It is increasingly evident that the safety net is a vital part of any community’s effective effort to manage the structure, delivery and financing of health care services for underserved populations.” With dwindling resources, workforce shortages, escalating costs, and growing numbers of Georgians without health insurance, the Foundation has invested in 28 organizations to expand primary health care with attention to expanding services, building capacity, and achieving improved health outcomes. While the stage for discussions of who has access to care, the quality of care, and who is going to pay for it is happening at the state level, “we also know that the depth and breadth of issues affecting the health of individuals and families should also be happening at the community level,” said Nelson. For more information, visit

The grant awards are as follows:

About Healthcare Georgia Foundation

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is a statewide, private independent foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to advance the health of all Georgians and to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare for underserved individuals and communities. Through its strategic grantmaking, Healthcare Georgia Foundation supports organizations that drive positive change, promotes programs that improve health and healthcare among underserved individuals and communities, and connects people, partners and resources across Georgia. For more information, please visit the Foundation online at: