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Toni Almasy
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Georgia’s Children to Benefit From Increased Access to Evidence-based Asthma Management Care

Healthcare Georgia Foundation Announces Creation of the Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program

Atlanta, Georgia – October 28, 2008 - Healthcare Georgia Foundation announced today a multi-year investment in improving asthma outcomes among Georgia’s children and adolescents living with asthma. The Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program is designed to improve the delivery of comprehensive and integrated disease management for Georgia’s children and youth.

Asthma is one of the leading chronic diseases in children and the third-ranking cause of hospitalization for those younger than 15 years of age.  According to recent data released by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, approximately 10 percent of Georgia’s children under the age of 17 have asthma. Fifteen percent of Georgia’s middle school students and 16 percent of high school students live with the possibility of missing school days or being hospitalized due to asthma complications.

“Reducing the burden of asthma among Georgia’s children and adolescents will require a coordinated and integrated approach,” said Gary Nelson, president of Healthcare Georgia Foundation. “It will include the provision of disease management coupled with comprehensive education to children with asthma, their parents, caregivers, providers, and the communities in which they live.” 

More information about the grant program, including application details and specific deadlines, can be found on Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s Web site ( For additional information, contact the Foundation directly at 404-653-0990.

Also announced today are recent grant awards totaling $247,000, including support for national organizations with expertise directed to improving health policy in Georgia.

American Nonsmoker’s Rights Foundation $172,000
Implement a smoke free training and technical assistance program in Georgia to increase tobacco control advocacy capacity.    
Community Catalyst, Inc. $25,000
Develop consumer health capacity in Georgia and strengthen existing advocacy networks.    
Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc. – Andrew Young School of Policy Studies $30,000
Conduct policy analysis and engage policymakers in addressing the primary care safety net in Metropolitan Atlanta and the need for a statewide trauma system in Georgia.    
Group Health Cooperative – Center for Community Health and Evaluation $20,000
Augment previous grant to propose an evaluation plan for the Foundation’s management of an evaluation consultant service.    

About Healthcare Georgia Foundation

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is a statewide, private independent foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to advance the health of all Georgians and to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare for underserved individuals and communities. Through its strategic grantmaking, Healthcare Georgia Foundation supports organizations that drive positive change, promotes programs that improve health and healthcare among underserved individuals and communities, and connects people, partners and resources across Georgia. For more information, please visit the Foundation online at: