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Evaluation Resource Center


Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s Evaluation Resource Center (ERC) offers evaluation tools and services tailored to help nonprofit health organizations achieve better outcomes.The ERC is directed and funded by Healthcare Georgia Foundation.

Why Evaluate?
Healthcare Georgia Foundation believes strongly in the benefits of evaluation: that all organizations should understand their performance and why it matters. Evaluation gives health nonprofits the information they need to improve their organizations and programs, ultimately benefitting the individuals, families and communities they serve.

Healthcare Georgia Foundation created the Evaluation Resource Center to help nonprofits:

  • Inform strategic planning
  • Improve programs or strategies
  • Demonstrate their achievements and report results
  • Be more accountable to clients, boards, funders and other stakeholders
  • Tell their stories
  • Strengthen fundraising efforts


ERC Services

Coaching and Technical Assistance
The ERC provides Coaching and Technical Assistance services tailored to each organization and designed to build evaluation capacity. Coaching can include help with planning, design, data collection and analysis, and can be structured according to organizational needs. Working with a nonprofit health organization, the ERC will offer its evaluation expertise in the development, enhancement, and modification of discreet, time-limited projects.


ERC Toolkit
The ERC Toolkit (developed by the Center for Community Health and Evaluation), is a step-by-step, interactive guide to program evaluation. The Toolkit uses Georgia-specific case studies reflecting best practices from a variety of evaluation resources.


Direct Evaluation Support
Healthcare Georgia Foundation and our stakeholders, philanthropic partners, and constituents have a stake in the outcomes of our investments. The Foundation may commission directly, or request proposals from outside evaluators to evaluate programs, organizations, or initiatives funded by the Foundation or others.

The ERC can identify and select evaluators to work with health nonprofits throughout the state of Georgia. Please contact the ERC at 404-653-0990 for more information.

To learn more, visit Healthcare Georgia Foundation's Evaluation Resource Center at