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   Health Policy - Request for Proposals (RFP)

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Health Policy. The Foundation recognizes the importance of healthy policy in the context of the current changing landscape of healthcare in the United States and in Georgia. The Foundation has consistently allocated funding to the health policy arena since inception, and will continue this commitment through the announced RFP. The mission of the Foundation cannot be fully realized without a strong and viable health policy/advocacy community working to ensure strong health policies are in place to benefit the underserved and underinsured in Georgia.

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support policy and advocacy activities designed to promote the Health in all Policies approach to policy making. This emerging approach to public policymaking recognizes that the important determinants of health are outside the reach of the formal health care system. The approach is one of collaboration and partnerships to improve the health of all people within a community by incorporating health considerations into decision making across sectors and policy areas. Health equity, intersectoral collaboration, and stakeholder engagement are important considerations to affect sustainable local policy change.

This funding opportunity is an open invitation. Please note that the Foundation has multiple funding opportunities and if your organization is awarded a grant for this RFP, you will NOT be eligible to apply for the Foundation’s General Operating 2016 Grant Program. Below, you will find the Health Policy RFP and supporting documents. All applications must be submitted online.

If you have difficulty opening the attachments or accessing the web links, please contact Javier Sanchez, Grants Manager, at  or via phone at 404-653-0990. 

Thank you in advance for giving this funding announcement your consideration and we eagerly look forward to receiving your application.

Document Links:

  1. Health Policy 2015 RFP (PDF)
  2. Case Statement Example (PDF)
  3. 2015 Budget Template (XLS)
  4. Board & Staff Template (DOC)
  5. ERC Toolkit Policy Examples
  6. Logic Model Template (DOC)
  7. Geographic Location Region Guide (PDF)
  8. Application Instructions (PDF)


Gary D. Nelson, Ph.D.
Healthcare Georgia Foundation