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Grantee and Applicant Survey

   2015 Survey Results

Since the inception of Healthcare Georgia Foundation in 2002, the principles of accountability and tranparency have guided the Foundation's management, operations, and decision-making activities.

One tool that the Foundation uses to asses the effectiveness of its philanthropic activities is a survey of grant applicants. Surveys of grantees and applicants have been conducted in 2004, 2005, 2009, 2011, and 2015 to assess their experiences with the grantmaking process, Foundation roles, and the manner in which the Foundation engages its target populations of agencies and organizations.

The 2015 Survey was the first time the Healthcare Georgia Foundation sought feedack from grantees and applicants after three years of significant changes to the Foundation's grantmaking practices. 

Survey respondents answered 28 questions in three areas:

  --- Background and characteristics of respondent/organizations;
  --- Perceptions of the Foundation's role and work; and
  --- Experience working with the Foundation

The Center for Community Health and Evaluation prepared a summary of the Foundation's 2015 survey results with comparisons to previous years where comparable data were available.