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Healthtecdl Distance Learning

Program Summary                                         

HealthTecdl is a statewide distance learning program designed to strengthen the core operation of nonprofit health organizations and community partnerships in Georgia. Established in 2007,  HealthTecdl  provides timely, high quality programming through information technology. Our programs help create a positive impact on the health of Georgia communities by connecting people, programs, and resources.


Program Goals:
The goals of the distance learning program are to:

  • Improve access to affordable, high quality health and healthcare services for all Georgians
  • Promote capacity building among nonprofit health organizations
  • Enhance community capacity to achieve greater health equity
  • Expand opportunities that cultivate leadership
  • Inform policy decisions and improve resource allocations
  • Ensure the successful implementation of The Two Georgias Initiative



    Why was HealthTecdl established?

HealthTecdl was established to help high capacity nonprofit health organizations, community partnerships, and the healthcare workforce achieve better, and more equitable health and healthcare outcomes for all Georgians.

   Who benefits from HealthTecdl programming?

At HealthTecdl, we understand the challenges that nonprofit health organizations and the healthcare workforce face everyday. Through our programs, we seek to provide the knowledge and skills needed to build capacity, promote organizational development, and develop leadership. HealthTecdl also seeks to foster and enhance healthcare innovation by supporting local community health partnerships.

Our programs seek to improve access to affordable, high quality health and healthcare services for all Georgians, and achieve greater health equity in the rural parts of our state through The Two Georgias Initiative.

Program Categories:

Over the past 10 years, HealthTecdl has produced and distributed hundreds of programs. Current program categories include:

Access, Cost and Quality
Collaboratives and Partnerships
Community Capacity
Evidence-based Programs
Fund Development
Fundamentals of Evaluation
Health Disparities/Health Equity
Healthcare Workforce
Media Communications
Needs Assessments
Organizational Capacity
Population Demography
Preceptor Development
Strategic Planning
The Two Georgias Initiative/Rura
l Health

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How is the program implemented?

Through the use of technology, HealthTecdl provides statewide access to an efficient and economical strategy for delivering technical assistance and training services. Live and on demand programs are provided at no cost to registered members of the program. HealthTecdlprograms may be viewed via web browser, smart phones, and tablets. Both Apple and Android platforms are supported.

Who is collaborating on this project?

HealthTecdl represents a collaborative partnership directed and funded by Healthcare Georgia Foundation, and features programming presented by nonprofit health organizations and thought leaders dedicated to advancing the health of all Georgians. Technical assistance partners include TechBridge, and Avatar Communications.

How can I view these programs?

Programs can be viewed on any computer, smart phone or tablet. Our programs are here to help you sharpen your skills and help you prepare for a multitude of complex issues as diverse as leadership, management, fundraising, and legislative changes.

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How do I contact Technical Support?

Please visit to find answers to commonly asked technical support questions.

Technical Support Email: or 404-596-7912