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Introduction to the Communication Toolkit
The Communication Toolkit is developed for Healthcare Georgia Foundation grantees, nonprofits, other professionals, and stakeholders invested in the health of Georgians. This toolkit aims to help build the knowledge and skillset needed in a digital world to effectively create and deliver health communications messages, across various audiences on a wide range of topics.

Participants can expect to learn:

  • How communication strategies can support their program success and sustainability
  • What are the steps for creating a strategic communication plan
  • How to define target audience segments    
  • Describe the importance of message framing
  • Name a range of potential communication channels, materials, and activities
  • Outline the differences in advocacy and lobbying at the state and local level

Additionally, participants will gain the necessary skills to: 

  • Craft SMART communication objectives that support program outcomes
  • Identify relevant target audience segments to support SMART objectives
  • Prepare targeted values-based messages for audience segments
  • Determine how, and how often, messages will be delivered to audience segments through appropriate communication channels, materials, events, and activities
  • Construct an action plan in support of a communication strategy
  • Guidelines of how to pre-test messages and materials with target audiences
  • Tips on the appropriate dissemination channels and tools for messages
  • Evaluation strategies to track the success of communication efforts

Toolkit Modules: