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Conflict of Interest Policy

Healthcare Georgia Foundation operates in accordance with policies and procedures that seek to avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of any conflict of interest on the part of its Board members and staff (e.g. consultants/contractors) in carrying out its mission.

It is recognized that Board members and staff/consultants/contractors will serve in many capacities in the nonprofit community and community at-large with agencies, institutions and programs that are or may be grant applicants with the Foundation. Such roles give rise to a dual interest, which is permissible and often beneficial to both organizations. For purposes of this policy statement such roles shall be defined to be "a duality of interest or involvement". Dual roles can be misconstrued however, and thus sensitivity is desirable to reduce or eliminate perceptions of favoritism, bias, or subjectivity.

A "conflict of interest" for purposes of this policy is:

  • Any situation where a Board member holds a trusteeship or directorship or executive position in an agency or organization with business before the Foundation;
  • Any situation where a Board member holds a position in which the person's action in one capacity might serve to benefit one organization to the disadvantage of another.
  • A conflict can also exist where a person's dual positions compromise his or her objectivity in fulfilling his or her duty of loyalty to either organization.

For more information about this policy, please contact the Foundation at (404) 653-0990.